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March 27th, 2017

Mandi Mcgraw, who’s 69 and has sucked a lot of cock, takes her time. She begins with a semi-hard penis and works on getting it harder by sucking the top third when kneading the bottom two thirds with her hand. Then she spits on it. She laughs a little when she is sucking.

Mandi gets banged in every possible position. She giggles and moans and asks for it harder and deeper. “Oh, yeah, fuck me hard. Give me that cock,” she says. “You know what I’m looking for? I wanna be naughty. I want you to cum in my ass. You wanna bang me in the ass?” Then she looks at the camera and asks us whenever we want to watch her get banged in the ass… Oh, yes we do!

Mandi McGraw Takes Cum In Her Ass

Another Mature Anal 1st Timer – 56 y/o Raven

March 26th, 2017

50 Plus Milfs Raven - smelling mature panties

Here she’s, making her professional posing debut, Raven, a 56-year-old hooked up MILF from Idaho. we like once 50something wives penetrate and take in on film first time in her life at, and we particularly luv it once they take it up the ass. That’s what Raven is doing here!

“This is the one thing in my life that I haven’t done that I’ve desired to do for the longest time,” Raven stated. She was talking just about screwing on film for a professional porn party, not taking it up the ass. she is unqestionably done that before. “It was everything I’d dreamt it would be, and even more exciting!”…

Sexy Milf Mom Luna Azul Seducing Young Cock

March 25th, 2017

Busty older milf seducing her son's best friend

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“I’m screwing more than I ever have in my life,” stated Luna Azul, a 60-something swinger from Los Angeles, California. “I do not care how old a hombre is. I do not even care what he looks like, as long as he has a firm penis and knows how to eat my snatch.”

In this episode, Luna is tidying up her mansion, waiting for her son to come house. While her son’s friend shows up, Luna, who has sought his cock for days, tells him they have an hour to kill…

”You wanna know the truth?” Luna stated. “This episode isn’t just a fantasy. it is something I’ve done in real life, and I love it.”

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March 24th, 2017

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Today, we answer the question that we modeled yesterday with Honey Ray‘s movie interview: What is Honey, who was one from the original babes of sexy 50 Plus MILFs, gonna do that did us state, “Come on in, Honey! We’d luv to have you back”?

she is going to bang a large, ebony dong! right away isn’t that exceptional?

It unqestionably is. particularly since, by day, Honey Ray is your average working lady, an executive secretary…with pierced nipples, naval and cunt. Honey Ray says the people at work “guess I’m really conservative. I hide most of my tattoos and everything at work. whenever they saw these pics, they’d password right by me. They would not even guess it was me.”

right away, we did state that the dong Honey Ray is pounding is ebony and large. And we meant truly large. Check away image #40. The fellow’s dong is just about as large as Honey Ray‘s arm! just Honey Ray takes every part and obviously loves it.

Honey Ray: another reason 50PlusMILFs are the sexiest women in the globe.

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March 23rd, 2017

Joanna Storm is back as milf - blowjob and anal

And right away for the primary event: Joanna Storm‘s 1st hardcore movie in over 20 yrs…and it is her 1st anal, also! Joanna, wearing a luscious blue and ebony bra and a little skirt with stockings and a garter belt, begins away by doing a little striptease to get us firm. The stunt penis shows up and Joanna shows off her deep-throat sucking skills (with some ball-sucking thrown in, also) before the fortunate bloke goes to work on her tight, shaved cunt. He seems to appreciate the fact that he’s pounding a porn legend. And then, hardly while she is all juiced up, Joanna locks her legs behind her head and opens up her ass. Joanna takes a deep breath, the penis slides right in, and before she knows it, she is getting penetrated in her asshole.

“Am I doing it? Am I doing it?” she says. “Does it feel tight around your penis?” “Is my ass soaking? You hardly keep pounding me in my ass, please!”

My Best Friends Busty Mature Mom – Georgette Parks

March 22nd, 2017

When I came back from this sexy milf’s bathroom sporting that hardening cock, she took my hand and led me to the bed. We started to kiss and I played with her large breasts, undressing as we went. I finally got a chance to get my fingers in that experienced mature pussy of hers. Georgette Parks is my best friends mature mom and she’s known nympho.

It was hot and wet between her spread legs, and so slippery! I noticed that the entrance to her vagina was a lot bigger than the younger women I’d had so far, her body was stunning – 64 years old and sexier than every girlfriend I had chance to fuck. I liked that she had shaved her pussy. That really turned me on. I let my thumb find its way to her moist cunt. I tell you, her clit was so big it felt like a finger.

When I stroked her clitoris with my thumb, she got excited so fast. She started kissing me and gripping my shoulders fiercely, and I returned her kisses in kind. Her big milf boobs were ready and nipples hard. The strength of her hands increased on my neck and shoulders. I continued to stroke away at her clit. She moaned deep in her throat while we were still kissing. She let out a loud, guttural moan and reached down to grab my cock. Georgette locked her legs around my waist, forcing my hand away from her clit. She tried to jam my dick into her wetness but I resisted.

"Hurry, hurry please," she urged, “don’t make me wait. Come on, damn you!" She was so horny and her old round ass was ready for some doggy-style. She was making little circles with her hips as I fought her efforts to jam my dick into her wetness. But then I relented and she did guide my engorged cock to her steaming slit. She grabbed my dong and pulled it down to her slit and literally jammed it into her hot hole…

First Czech Older MILF – 54-year-old Donna Marie

March 21st, 2017

It’s time for the first Czech MILF at 50 Plus Milfs – Donna Marie! She’s a sexy 54-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who has worked as a secretary. She can’t play on any music instrument (see this video…), but she’s very good at cock sucking and fucking.

What’s her ultimate fantasy? “I would like to have sex with another woman.” – a thing we would love to see… just like with Robin and Honey. She loves oral sex – giving and taking – at least four times a week. Enjoy.

Sexy 60-year-old Milf Summeran Winters

February 19th, 2017

Sexy 60-year-old milf Summeran Winters

Summeran Winters is a sexy 60-year-old milf and a divorcee from Colorado. “I just want to feel attractive. I just love getting nude and fucking on camera”. In this 60 Plus Milfs video she’s wearing hot retro lingerie, including a red bullet bra, black stockings and a garter belt. She pulls her panties aside to give us a glimpse at her smooth shaved mature pussy, telling us how much wants to be fucked anally, “I’m so wet. I want a hard cock inside my cunt and tight ass…”

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February 18th, 2017

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Two curvy and busty lesbian 50 plus milfs in sexy lingerie going horny. Watch them eating out each other’s wet mature pussy and asshole, playing with sex toys and reaching orgasm. Sexy moms.

Shirley Lily – Hot Redhead Mature

February 17th, 2017

Shirley Lily - 50 Plus Milfs

Hot redhead mature woman – Shirley Lily from 50 Plus Milfs in her first ever porn video! This sexy nympho with nice round tits and ass gets big black cock to play with and she does it really good…

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